Our story

Hello everyone. My name is David, founder of BEAnts. Let me tell you how BEAnts came to be.

In 2009 I discovered it was possible to keep a full fledged ant colony as a pet. That summer I therefore decided to go look for my first ant colonies. Because of the fascinating behaviours of thse ant colonies my enthousiasm quickly grew. I started with simple species, met a lot of new people and that way also learned about new interesting species to keep. This only made me even more enthousiastic.

Next to being an antkeeper I also have the pleasure to call myself a scientist. In 2018 I decided to combine my knowledge and experience in science with my other favorite past-time: ant keeping. This is how I started experimenting with food formulations and nesting conditions for different species. Of course, this required many ant colonies. Once these colonies grew too much to be handled all at once, I wanted to be able to give them the best care possible. This is why I decided to sell the colonies to other ant keepers, allowing me to purchase new ones to continue learning about other ants. This is how I started trading and selling ant colonies.

While doing this, I discovered that many buyers are new ant keepers. I found (and still find) it great to be able to introduce new ant keepers to this wonderful hobby and let them share in these great moments I had also been able to experience. Their gratitude and the great experiences gave me a lot of satisfaction. I has discovered a new aspect in the ant keeper world: helping and guiding new antkeepers. In may 2019 I decided to expand on this aspect of this hobby and actively started selling ant colonies to (new) ant keepers. I find it very important that (future) ant keepers are well informed so that they are able to offer their ants the best care possible, sparing them lots of heartache when things go wrong.

Our mission

Our “raison d’être”, which is also our main focus, is about learning about and from ants, giving them great care and sharing experiences. This is why customer service is one of our most important priorities. We want to make your experience as pleasant as possible. We do this by providing healthy ant colonies, appropriate nutrition, equipment and personalised advice for every customer. This way, we hope to spread the word and make more people see how great ant keeping can be!


A fun aspect of ant keeping is of course observing the ants! This is why many ant keepers are actively sharing their passion on social media. We are delighted to share some of their media on our website. Pictures originating from ant keepers have a watermark so you can easily find more of their great content.

You can already find a list of some ant keepers that have contributed media to this web site.


Enterprise info

Name: BEAnts

Location: Bloemtuinenlaan 62 bus 14, 1030 Schaarbeek, België

e-mail: beants.belgium@gmail.com

VAT: BE0767391645


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