Ant Academy

Welcome to our Ant Academy!

This is the place to be if you want to learn about ants, their lifestyle and how you can keep them as pets. You can find information in the following sections:

What are ants? Where do they live? How old does an ant get?
The answer to all these questions and more can be found in our general information section. This section contains basic information about ant biology.

In case you weren’t convinced yet, this is where you can find out why ants are the best pets in the world! Of course, we also give you information to help you care for your ants and allow them to become a full fledged colony.

Would you like to dive into this hobby but don’t know where to get started? Our guide will help you determine what you need. Additionally, you will also find information about what you need (or don’t!) in order to keep ants, what materials you can use and determine the general health of a colony.

Keeping ants comes with an entirely new vocabulary. This can sometimes be a bit daunting. this is why we made this glossary for you, so you can find the meaning of certain terms, alphabetically!

Learning is fun! Want to know more about certain subjects? This is where you can find interesting sources of information. There are many sources of information on the internet. We propose a small selection of good information sources (on which we have also based many parts of the website).


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