Conditions for the affiliate program of BEAnts

BEAnts offers the possibility to third parties to register as an affiliated party. This party gets access to a unique identifier that can be placed after a BEAnts website url. Performance can be monitored via the affiliate platform.

Website visits and purchases made via this link are tracked. For any purchase made within 14 days of using the link in question, the affiliated party will receive a 5% commission on the full purchase price, excluding shipping costs. Commissions are paid monthly. There are no obligations to this agreement for the affiliated party, other than the fair and ethical use of this link (i.e. it may not be used in unsolicited messages (spam,…), cheating potential customers (e.g. false promises,…) or manipulating performance in any form)

Any form of deception and/or misuse of this link (or suspicion thereof) to collect revenue on an unfair basis will lead to the immediate termination of the cooperation and the disappearance of any outstanding commissions. BEAnts also reserves the right to terminate the agreement at any time. If there are still unpaid commissions, they will be paid within a period of 14 days after the termination of the agreement.


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