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Bamboo set format 1


With this set you enjoy a 15% discount compared to the individual products! This set contains:

Outworld size 1A

This outworld measures 5x5x5 cm. The front has an opening where you can connect a test tube. The rear has an opening of 10 mm for further extensions to be connected. This is the ideal outworld for a young starting colony and can easily be connected to further expansions.


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Test tube support

Although test tubes are very easy stable nesting environments for ant colonies, their round shape is not always easy to work with. That is why we designed these test tube supports. These will ensure that your test tube does not roll or slide. In addition, it will also slightly raise the test tube so that your test tube is at the ideal height when it is connected to an outside world.


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Plaster "bamboo" test tube

These test tubes contain separate chambers separated by plaster walls. The bottom is also covered with plaster and mixed with substrate. This ensures proper distribution of the water in the test tube and provides a moist environment for your ants. The water reservoir consists of a water-absorbing substrate that can be easily refilled.

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This set contains an outworld with bamboo tube and a holder. This set is everything you need to house a young colony. On top of the convenience you also enjoy a 15% discount compared to the individual products!

Outworld size 1A


1 opening of 10 mm diameter, 1 opening for test tube, 5x5x5 cm


Clear acryl

Test tube support


3,6×3,6 cm


Clear acryl

Plaster "bamboo" test tube


15×100 mm, 15×150 mm


Gips, Glass


Red, Yellow


Nests are shipped assembled. All our nests have a humidification system. A syringe is supplied with each nest that can be used to refill the water reservoir.

Acrylic nest

Our acrylic nests have one or more moisture chambers with a sponge. This absorbs the water and releases it slowly to provide the nest with moisture for a longer period of time. At the top of each moisture chamber there is a small opening in which you can add water to moisten the nest again. After a long period of drying (and therefore also during the first use) it is sometimes more efficient to open the nest, remove the sponge and immerse it in water for a while.

After adding water, it will be absorbed between the acrylic plates by capilarity and thus spread throughout the nest.

The nest can be taken apart by removing the screws. You can do this by loosening the nuts at the bottom.

3D printed nest

There are two types of 3D print nests.

The first option is the mushroom nests. These nests are on a water reservoir. The water reservoir can be refilled on the side through the opening provided.

The bottom of the nest contains an opening in which the so-called “mushroom plug” is placed.

This plug just fits through the opening and extends to the bottom of the water reservoir. This draws moisture from the water reservoir upwards, so that the nest is moistened and ants also have access to it.

The second kind, just like the acrylic nests, has a moisture chamber. This is connected to the nest by a grid. After adding cotton wool or a sponge, this room can be moistened (photos not available at the moment).


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