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Outworld size 1 extra test tube connection


You can use this extra wall to replace one of the walls containing a 10mm opening of outside size 1A/1B with a 16mm opening for a test tube.
Contains only 1 wall of an outside world, not a complete set!

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Sometimes you need a second test tube, be it for extra moisture, nutrition or for moving to a new test tube. That is why we offer an extra wall with an opening for a 16mm test tube separately from our outworld format 1A and 1B. You can use this to replace one of the walls containing a 10mm opening of outworld size 1A/1B.

This product contains only 1 wall of an outworld, not a complete set!


5x5x5 cm


Clear acryl


All our outworlds require assembly. First, you will need to remove the protective foil on the acrylic plates. These are either brown or matt. The pictures below show a brown protective foil on the plates. These were left on the plates to more easily visualize in the pictures, but could best be removed for proper use. Once removed, the acrylic plates are perfectly translucent. Every outworld package contains acrylic plates, a piece of metal mesh, screw and bolts and rubber bands.

Start at a corner to remove the protective film. This can be loosened with your fingernail or scissors (be carefull not to damage the acrylic itself).

Assemble the lid with metal mesh first. For this, you need the two acrylic frames, a piece of metal mesh and 4 screws and bolts.

Put the mesh between the two frames so that the premade holes overlap. Put the screws through the holes and attach them with the bolts. The large frame will be the top side of the lid.

De buitenwereld bevat ook openingen van 10mm voor aansluiten van verdere uitbreidingen of nesten.The outworld also contains 10 mm openings to connect nests and other expansions. If you do not use these, they can be closed off with the oval acrylic piece. To attach these, you will need the plate with the 10 mm opening, the small acrylic piece, a screw and bolt.

Put the two acrylic pieces so that the premade holes overlap and put the screw through. Doe de schroef erdoor en maak aan de andere zijnde vast met de moer.Attach the screw with a bolt.

Now take the bottom plate (the one without holes or slits). On its sides, place the other acrylic plates. This can be done by placing the extrusions into the slits of the side plates. Then repeat this for the front and back plates (with the 10 mm opening).

Now you can attach everything using the rubber bands. This will keep the plates together and close off any open slits between them.

Finally, you can put the top plate in place. The opening in the middle is for the lid you made earlier. You can easily remove this lid to feed the ants or clean their outworld, without having to remove the entire top plate.


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