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Seed mixture


Seed mixture for granivorous ants.


More information

Some ant species have a diet that consist of seeds. These species are called granivores. Some species even have a diet that consist almost exclusiveley out of seeds, like Messor barbarus. These seeds contain, protein, sugars, fat and vitamins. Everything a colony needs for a healthy growth.

Attention! Not all ant species are granivores. Be sure to check if this meets their dietary requirements. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.


10 g, 30 g, 50 g


Protein, Sugar, Vitamin

Use and storage

All our liquid food and jelly are produced in sterile conditions. As long as these are unopened they should not perish for several months. Once opened, the shelf life strongly depends on several conditions. In general, high humidity and bad aeration cause products to spoil very quickly. Spoiling “after several days” mentioned below can already take place after less than 2 days. Be carefull not to leave your food with the ants for too long.

Liquid food is best offered to the ants in a small cup or on cotton. This should not remain in the outworld for more than a few days as it will quickly spoil. If you have left-over food in tubes, these can be stored at -20°C. This way, the tube can be used for several weeks after opening. Dropper bottles have better shelf life as contact with contaminants is minimized. Repeated freezing and thawing has no effect on the nutritional value of our liquid products.

The amount of jelly offered to your ants is best adapted to their colony size. This can be done by cutting of a piece of the jelly and storing the rest. It should be removed after several days as spoiling of the jelly could lead to bacterial or fungal infections, which can lead to negative effect on colony health. It is best to store this at 4°C. After opening it can be used for about a week. Freezing the jelly is not recommended as it could lose its integrity.

Seeds should be stored in a dry place. They can be stored for weeks or even months when stored properly. Only offer a specified amount of seeds, especially with species that tend to stockpile them. Once the seeds start germinating they should be removed from the ants.

Essential nutrients


All ants require energy. They get this from sugar. This symbol indicates that our products contains sugar for the ants.


The queen and larvae require protein for the production of new eggs and growth of the larvae. This symbol indicates that our products contains protein for the ants.


Vitamins (and minerals) are required in small amounts for the proper functioning of ant metabolism. This symbol indicates that our products contains vitamins for the ants.


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