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Our staff has years of experience with ant care. Don't hesitate to ask for our help, free of charge!


Al our products are made out of qualitative materials, are tested rigorously and continuously improved.

Healthy Ants

Twoo weeks of observation before our ants are sold. Good health guaranteed!

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All ants require energy. They get this from sugar. This symbol indicates that our products contains sugar for the ants.


The queen and larvae require protein for the production of new eggs and growth of the larvae. This symbol indicates that our products contains protein for the ants.


Vitamins (and minerals) are required in small amounts for the proper functioning of ant metabolism. This symbol indicates that our products contains vitamins for the ants.

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The nice thing about ant keeping is that you can let your imagination go wild. Unfortunately, we are often restricted by what is available in online shops or what we can make ourselves. To help you realize your dream-setup we offer our expertise and that of our suppliers to allow for custom made products.

Make your dream come trough

Let us know what you would like. We will take a look with our suppliers what we can do!


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